about us

Hi! We are Isa and Rich!

Hi! We’re Isa and Rich!

We have lived in Portugal, Scotland, England and we are now based in France, more exactly in Toulouse. We are inspired by nature, traveling and people; we love discovering new places and meeting new people! Spending time together by either watching movies, walking around town, visiting museums or just having some tea and cake makes us happy and so does our (and all) cats.

As books and films lovers, we like to think of ourselves as a narrator of your day,  capturing its essence. For us it’s an humbling and exciting experience to capture emotion through the images that tell your story and show who you are. Our goal is for you to feel relaxed while we direct you  throughout your time with us. More than anything we want you to have a wonderful time and feel comfortable while just being your own self.

If you think we would be a good match get in touch and lets talk a bit more!