about us

Hi! We are Isa and Rich!

Hi! We’re Isa and Rich!

A little about us, we are an husband and wife for about two years but have been together for more than 10 years. We met and got together at university in Portugal while Isa was studying Film and Rich Aeronautical Engineering. Since then, we have lived in Portugal, Scotland, England and we are now based in France, more exactly in Toulouse. Spending time together wether by watching movies, wandering around, discovering new places or just having some tea and cake makes us happy and so does our (and all) cats.

We got to grow together and shared many adventures of which photography is one of them. We draw inspiration from what surrounds us and from the connections we get to make and be a part of. With that said, we are particularly fond of all nature and quirky towns and cannot resist some exploring and traveling: we  love to discover new places, to connect with people and have a soft spot for the little spontaneous moments.

As books and films lovers, we like to think of ourselves a bit as a narrator of your day and capture the essence of your story. For us it’s such an humbling and exciting experience to get to create images that reflect all those unique moments and emotions. We have a personal approach so our main goal is to get to know you and your story,  you are comfortable and relaxed throughout our time together. Style wise we work to achieve a balance between the portrait side and the candid. As we take every situation differently, this means that during our sessions we will balance both of these approaches: we will give you direction in your portraits while getting the in-between moments and giggles. Most importantly we want you to get images that remind you what it felt to be there.

If you think we would be a good match get in touch and lets talk a bit more!