Engagement Session in the Azores

Last March we had the opportunity of visiting the Azores islands in Portugal for the engagement session of Marta and Rodrigo ahead of their wedding in May!

For three days we had an amazing time exploring the São Miguel island with this amazing couple! We discovered some pretty amazing places with such a great atmosphere that mesmerized us and provided some gorgeous backdrops! From the urban sites to the different natural spots we visited everything was quite unique! To had to the perfect surrounding, we also had some wonderful local food to boost our energy levels!

We always love an opportunity to travel and visit different places, so this was such a fulfilled opportunity ! We definitely had an amazing time with this awesome couple exploring this beautiful island!

Marta&Rodrigo-050Marta&Rodrigo-029marta e rodrigo - webredo-1Marta&Rodrigo-016Marta&Rodrigo-023Marta&Rodrigo-022Marta&Rodrigo-021Marta&Rodrigo-054Marta&Rodrigo-057Marta&Rodrigo-073Marta&Rodrigo-066Marta&Rodrigo-072Marta&Rodrigo-085Marta&Rodrigo-094Marta&Rodrigo-100Marta&Rodrigo-105Marta&Rodrigo-108Marta&Rodrigo-132Marta&Rodrigo-123Marta&Rodrigo-156Marta&Rodrigo-164Marta&Rodrigo-172Marta&Rodrigo-190Marta&Rodrigo-198Marta&Rodrigo-201Marta&Rodrigo-202Marta&Rodrigo-216Marta&Rodrigo-248Marta&Rodrigo-243Marta&Rodrigo-245Marta&Rodrigo-257Marta&Rodrigo-291Marta&Rodrigo-295

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