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Back to the Past: Film photography on your wedding and session

Most of us had contact with film photography at a point in our lives. For some it was a very expensive commodity to be used only in special occasions; for others it was an experience during school/college/university boosted by the access to a dark room; for some out there it was where they began their profissional work; maybe a phase within the lomography trend… … Read More Back to the Past: Film photography on your wedding and session


Toulouse Engagement Announcement

Toulouse Engagement Announcement We have known Diyana and Pierre for quite a bit now so we were so happy to hear about their recent engagement. They wanted to do something to celebrate their love and announce to their families and friends their plans to get married.  Thus we arranged a photo session together for them to share their exciting news!


Engagement Session in the Azores

Engagement Session in the Azores Last March we had the opportunity of visiting the Azores islands in Portugal for the engagement session of Marta and Rodrigo ahead of their wedding in May! For three days we had an amazing time exploring the São Miguel island with this amazing couple! We discovered some pretty amazing places with such a great atmosphere that mesmerized us and provided … Read More Engagement Session in the Azores