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Back to the Past: Film photography on your wedding and session

Most of us had contact with film photography at a point in our lives. For some it was a very expensive commodity to be used only in special occasions; for others it was an experience during school/college/university boosted by the access to a dark room; for some out there it was where they began their profissional work; maybe a phase within the lomography trend… … Read More Back to the Past: Film photography on your wedding and session


Back to the Past: Finding our way back to film photography

Back to some more years of being forgot about so we could enjoy all the digital dslr magic, we eventually both re-discovered film together. It was back in 2014 when we lived in Bristol, UK


Photographers Gap Week in Tuscany

Photographers Gap Week in Tuscany Hey everyone! Last May we had an amazing opportunity of joining a Photographers Gap Week that took place in Tuscany, Italy. Organized by Ben and Sirjana from Tinted Photography, this week was dedicated to connecting with fellow photographers, have some rest, and shoot together while we got to know a bit of the Tuscan region. Sharing this adventure with us … Read More Photographers Gap Week in Tuscany


Love session on the Pyrenees

Love session on the Pyrenees With the arrival of winter and cold weather we find ourselves spending a bit more time indoors having some hot tea and coffee and watching movies. So when Maria and Kevin reached out for us to do a love session, we all got in tune to the same idea. As we all live close by to the gorgeous Pyrenees … Read More Love session on the Pyrenees

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Backyard Wedding in Portugal

Backyard Wedding in Portugal Marta and Rodrigo have been our friends for quite a few years now, so we were so excited to be photograph their wedding in top of being their guests! They got married in a small village near Porto where the bride grew up and their reception took place at her parents house backyard.


Toulouse Intimate Wedding

Toulouse Intimate Wedding Diane and Pierre got married in Toulouse in a lovely late winter afternoon. The ceremony took place in the gorgeous Mairie of Toulouse where they met and gathered with their close family and friends.


Engagement Session in the Azores

Engagement Session in the Azores Last March we had the opportunity of visiting the Azores islands in Portugal for the engagement session of Marta and Rodrigo ahead of their wedding in May! For three days we had an amazing time exploring the São Miguel island with this amazing couple! We discovered some pretty amazing places with such a great atmosphere that mesmerized us and provided … Read More Engagement Session in the Azores