Photographers Gap Week in Tuscany

Hey everyone! Last May we had an amazing opportunity of joining a Photographers Gap Week that took place in Tuscany, Italy. Organized by Ben and Sirjana from Tinted Photography, this week was dedicated to connecting with fellow photographers, have some rest, and shoot together while we got to know a bit of the Tuscan region. Sharing this adventure with us were also Caitlin from Canada, Nina from Croatia, Ingvild from Norway and Patricia from Spain.

This all started when one day we were checking our instagram stories and a story by Tinted came up mentioning a Gap Week. It would be a meeting of photographers in Tuscany for a week. We decided to dip our toe and see what it was all about and quickly decided to dive on this adventure surrounded by strangers with whom we shared a house, meals and some driving around. 

For us, the adventure started on Sunday with us traveling to Nice where we spent the night before continuing our drive to Florence. We met up with the group on Monday afternoon, at the beautiful Tuscan Villa which would be our home and base for the week. On our first day together we pretty much planed a few future meals, did some food shopping and had pizza for dinner, during which we had the opportunity to start to known each other. 

On the very next day, we started off with a surprise trip planned by Ben and Sirjana, it would be a trip to the mountains where we would explore a beautiful and pictoresque village named Barga, a village with tight streets full of colors and flowers. After adventuring the streets of Barga, we returned home where we got to enjoy a evening day at the Villa. The following days consisted in relaxing in our calm environment, getting into deep conversations with each other and also taking full advantage of the swimming pool. The final outing of the week together was a quick visit to Florence, where we adventured around the busy streets of a culturally rich city. 

On the various opportunities available we would photograph each other and would sometimes go into these really intense micro-shoots from which we got some pretty cool portraits of everyone. We were also very lucky of encountering people on the streets who let us photograph them out of the blue. But in the end, more than all the photo related stuff, we took with us a bit of everyone that we got to spend time with and the moments we got to experience together, all the cooking, singing along in the car, the deep and also not so deep conversations, and so much more.

Isa and Rich01

Isa and Rich05Isa and Rich06

Isa and Rich10Isa and Rich09

Isa and Rich12Isa and Rich14

Isa and Rich18

Isa and Rich23Isa and Rich22

Isa and Rich21Isa and Rich25

Isa and Rich28Isa and Rich29

Isa and Rich32Isa and Rich34Isa and Rich35Isa and Rich37Isa and Rich38Isa and Rich39Isa and Rich40Isa and Rich41

Isa and Rich44Isa and Rich46Isa and Rich48

Isa and Rich49

Isa and Rich52

Isa and Rich54Isa and Rich57

Isa and Rich58

Isa and Rich60Isa and Rich59

Isa and Rich63Isa and Rich64

Isa and Rich70

Isa and Rich74Isa and Rich75Isa and Rich76Isa and Rich77

Isa and Rich80

Overall, we went through an amazing experience and got to connect with a group of incredible photographers (to whom pages we will leave links right in the end).

You can also visit a blog by Nina about the Gap Week right here.

Ben and Sirjana — Tinted Photography

Caitlin Free — Caitlin Free Photography

Nina Roland — Nina Roland Photography

Ingvild Kolnes — Fotograf Ingvild Kolnes

Patricia Herranz — Patricia Herranz Photography

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