Back to the Past: Finding our way back to film photography

As most millennials our first contact with photography came as kids, sneaking away our parents cameras to photograph our random experiences. Then digital and our teen years started to come up and our Kodak point and shoots, Canons and Yashicas went back into the back of the office cupboards, confined to garage storage or off in a goodwill box. It’s at this moment that our very similar relation with film photography takes different paths. For Isa film photography made a quick comeback appearance while studying Cinema in university, eased in by a free access to a dark room. For Rich it wasn’t until later that it creeped back into his habits.

Back to some more years of being forgot about so we could enjoy all the digital dslr magic, we eventually both re-discovered film together. It was back in 2014 when we lived in Bristol, UK that upon a recent Nikon failure that on the whim of a moment we get a cheap thrifted Zenith camera to start and document our ordinary life. Even though it was a tad heavy, this baby found her way among our daily routine, being carried over in our bags wherever we’d go.

With the passing of the years, and a bunch of failed and well succeeded experiences, trying different types of films, different labs, experiencing with light and locations, film took a big roll (pun intended?) in our lives. Eventually our continuing love of photographing with film lead both to a growing vintage camera collection, and registering our personal stuff with them. Added by the slower pace and the unique aesthetic that film allows one to achieve had a hefty weight on this decision. It also allowed us to end with (what many photographers can relate) a never-ending backlog of personal family, travel and cat raw files waiting to be edited.


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