Most of us had contact with film photography at a point in our lives. For some it was a very expensive commodity to be used only in special occasions; for others it was an experience during school/college/university boosted by the access to a dark room; for some out there it was where they began their profissional work; maybe a phase within the lomography trend… Whichever the possible scenarios among, many of us found ourselves having a previous experience with film photography that was to some degree dormant — We tell all about our relationship with film in here and how we’ve been loving it for all our personal photography.

Even though it never really disappeared, there’s a recent trend for a comeback of film photography being offered as either a complement on sessions or wedding day photos, or as the main medium completed by digital. In our previous experience, we found the use of film to offer a slower paced process and an unique aesthetic; so we decided to slowly incorporate it in our sessions and weddings.


two girls sitting outside a french coffee shop laughing
profile portrait of girl in a pink room
bride and groom by a lake
black and white photo of couple
couple standing together in the snow, hands in each others face

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